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About Amy

Hi!  I am a certified parent coach, an author, a frequent podcast/magazine/blog contributor, and a clinical social worker.   I have over 25 years of experience of helping families just like yours, and I would be honored to help you, too.  

Here's the thing...  You can read every parenting book out there, but unless you have someone to walk you through how to apply the concepts to your particular child and situation, nothing is going to change.  My mission is to help you bring fun, warmth, and love into your home. To help you find joy and cooperation with your kids. To teach you to forgive yourself when you are human and move forward. To feel in control and optimistic about the future, and to have relaxation and enjoyment with your family. The strategies you will learn have helped hundreds of families like yours, and are backed by the latest brain and attachment science.

I believe in practical, easy-to-use information that will change the way your family relates to each other right away.  Let's partner together to create the family life that you have always wanted.

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