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But that does not mean you're a terrible parent.  

And it does not mean that you have a terrible kid.

Sound familiar?

  • You ask your child to do one simple thing, and they seem to ignore you.
  • Your kid doesn't seem to respond unless you're yelling.
  • Your kid is the one having meltdowns on the playground when it's time to leave.
  • Your child will not accept "no" for an answer.
  • You've tried punishments and consequences, and nothing seems to change.

It is so frustrating!  And you are not alone.


From Conflict to Cooperation

Six Sessions to less ignoring 

and more connection

What happens when you join our class?

You'll have more peaceful communication with your child.  There will be less yelling.  When you use our simple strategies, everyone will feel heard and respected.

Increased cooperation.  Your child will want to listen to you, because they will understand your point of view.  And you will be able to better pick and choose your battles.

Increased fun and play.  When you and your child are not frustrated with each other, you'll have more time for the fun stuff of parenting - the play, the games, the stories, the cuddling.

You will learn strategies that will keep you calm through the stormiest of storms.  AND, you'll be able to teach them to your child, so that they can share in your regulation.

You'll understand what your child is thinking, and what might be underneath their behavior.  Parental mentalization reduces misunderstandings, and increases healthy emotional bonds.

You and your child will experience an increase in trust with each other.  Your child will grow up believing that they are important, heard, and understood.  Your child will feel comfortable coming to you with questions and concerns. 

Are YOU ready to say "yes"?

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Kate Lynch, RYT

Amy Weber, LCSW

Kate (she/her) is the parent of an amazing atypical kid, inclusive yoga and mindfulness coach, and author. Kate began teaching and cultivating community in 2002. She empowers anxious parents with simple mindfulness strategies so they can feel calm, present and connected no matter how intense their atypical kid is in the moment. Kate is the creator of the podcast and upcoming book, Mindfully Parenting Atypical Kids.

Amy (she/her) is a licensed clinical social worker with over 25-years of experience working with children and their families.  She is passionate about helping parents and children find new ways to connect, and enjoys finding creative solutions to everyday problems.  Amy is a frequent guest on parenting podcasts, and is the author of the upcoming children's book, Gratitude Is Your Super Power!  

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