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From Conflict to Cooperation

Thank you for being here! Scroll down for the replay.

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Week Five:  Celebration

Download Handout Here

Quick Recap:

  • We started by checking in with each other, and talking about needs/requests for tonight.
  • We named a "win" from the week.
  • We did a mindfulness/gratitude practice.
  • We answered questions.
  • We closed with "shaking it out" and a down-regulating breathing practice.


  • Practice slowing down, and empathizing.

  • Continue celebrating wins!

  • Use the "communication greatest hits" handout to remind yourself of your phrases.  Hang it on the fridge!


Change takes time.

We all do well when we can.

Set an intention for a baby-step that you can do today, and let us know how it goes!

Questions? Answers? Comments?

You can email us at:



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