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From Conflict to Cooperation

Thank you for being here! Scroll down for the replay.

This is a private participant page, and not for sharing.

Week One:  Presence

Community Guidelines

  • Confidentiality.
  • “Zetiquette.” Zoom has its strengths and challenges.
  • Brave Space/Safe Space: How will you resource yourself when discomfort inevitably arises?
  • You don't need to fix anyone here. “Let’s get curious!”
  • Kate & Amy have the timekeeping/gatekeeping role in this space.
  • We want your participation. Please email us to add to these guidelines.

The replay is shorter than the session because we paused for participants to feel comfortable sharing.

Next week, the Zoom settings will be optimized for CC & breakout rooms, and your video will not be recorded. Thanks for your patience as we model Growth Mindset in real time! 

Download Handout Here

Please choose one tool from the handout, or any mindfulness practice you resonate with, and do your best to practice it regularly for the week.  Email Kate for clarification on the practices.

If you don't end up doing it, get curious about that, and see if you can identify what is getting in the way.  Then let it go and stay in the present.


Ask yourself:

  • “How can I support you right now?”  (This gives us insight about the resources we already have and reinforces them.)
  • “When can I add a short practice into my daily routine? How can I set up accountability for that?”
  • “What might get in the way, and how can I anticipate and troubleshoot that?”  (This is not the same as bullying ourselves. Think of being a kind friend to yourself who has your best interests at heart.)
  • “Are my expectations of my child developmentally appropriate?”
  • "Are my expectations of MYSELF appropriate?"

Some of the many insightful thoughts that you shared:

  • I want to make sure I have all the tools to help my kids.
  • How do we find the balance between holding ourselves accountable and forgiving ourselves?
  • I don't have to do everything, and even if I did have to, I couldn't. It's okay.
  • After filling the day with others' needs, experiencing shame/defeat/exhaustion. (If we can normalize this and realize we're not alone, there's a path forward.)

We closed with Grounding Affirmations.  

Questions? Answers? Comments?

You can email us at:



Here's the Zoom LINK for all sessions. 

See you next week!

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